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About Jodie

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I’m a happily married wifey, a proud mama, self-taught baker (who occasionally gets tips from my bread master dad), cake decorator and a homemaker who is originally from Hong Kong, now living in Dallas, Texas. My love for baking started when I was a teenager. I love pretty looking cakes and desserts and I grew up eating a lot of those (when I say a lot I mean A LOT). Especially when you live in a city like Hong Kong where there are beautiful cake shops everywhere, it’s almost impossible to resist the temptation.

After graduating from university, I got a very standard 9 to 5 job. On the weekends I would bake cakes and then bring it back to the office on Monday. The cake would usually be gone in no time! I stopped baking for a long time after I started another job. Work was so crazy that I had no time at all. I have never been a workaholic and I never had the dream of climbing up the corporate ladder. It was just the kind of life most people would have in Hong Kong.

It might sound a bit naive but my dream has always been being a housewife (who of course doesn’t need to work) with a hubby who loves me more than anything and a pretty little daughter who I can train her to be a mini me. I’m very proud to say that my dream came true.

After I moved to the United States to be with the love of my life, I started having more time to do the things I truly enjoy. I began making birthday cakes for my friends and family. Because there was no sales on the line I am essentially my own boss. I have always been free to experiment and push my creativity. With every new cake design, I learned something new and also became aware of how much there is to learn about making beautiful cakes. I have also failed a lot. But failures helped me grew. I’m no expert in cakes, but hopefully I will become the queen of cakes one day!

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